Thaxted Cricket Club All Teams Fixtures - 2022 Season

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Sat 23 Apr 2022Sat/Sun Friendly Chesterfords(H) Home1.00pmFriendly CANCELLED
Sun 24 Apr 2022Sat/Sun Friendly Dunmow(H) Home1.00pmFriendly Won by 7 runs
Sat 30 Apr 2022Saturday League High Beach(A) Away1.00pmLeague Lost - Thaxted forfeit: unable to field a team
Sun 01 May 2022Sat/Sun Friendly Eastons(A) Away1.00pmFriendly CANCELLED
Sat 07 May 2022Saturday League Potter Street(H) Home1.00pmLeague Lost by 6 wickets
Sun 08 May 2022Sat/Sun Friendly Thorley(H) Home1.00pmFriendly CANCELLED
Sat 14 May 2022Saturday League Lion Hawks(H) Home1.00pmLeague Lost - Thaxted forfeit: unable to field a team
Sat 21 May 2022Saturday League Little Hallingbury(A) Away1.00pmLeague Lost by 7 runs
Sun 22 May 2022Sat/Sun Friendly Wethersfield(A) Away1.00pmFriendly
Sat 28 May 2022Saturday League Hockerill I(H) Home1.00pmLeague Lost - Thaxted forfeit: unable to field a team
Sun 29 May 2022Sat/Sun Friendly Helions Bumpstead(A) Away1.30pmFriendly CANCELLED
Sat 04 Jun 2022Saturday League Stansted I(A) Away1.00pmLeague Lost by 97 runs
Sat 11 Jun 2022Saturday League North Weald(A) Away1.00pmLeague Lost by 71 runs
Sun 12 Jun 2022Sat/Sun Friendly Little Hallingbury(A) Away1.30pmFriendly
Sat 18 Jun 2022Saturday League Bengeo(A) Away1.00pmLeague
Sun 19 Jun 2022Sat/Sun Friendly Matching Green(H) Home1.30pmFriendly
Sat 25 Jun 2022Saturday League Braughing(H) Home1.00pmLeague
Sat 02 Jul 2022Saturday League High Beach(H) Home1.00pmLeague
Sun 03 Jul 2022Sat/Sun Friendly Sampfords(H) Home1.00pmFriendly
Sat 09 Jul 2022Saturday League Potter Street(A) Away1.00pmLeague
Sun 10 Jul 2022Sat/Sun Friendly Wethersfield(H) Home1.00pmFriendly
Sat 16 Jul 2022Saturday League Lion Hawks(A) Away1.00pmLeague
Sun 17 Jul 2022Sat/Sun Friendly Stansted Hall & Elsenham(A) Away1.30pmFriendly
Sat 23 Jul 2022Saturday League Little Hallingbury(H) Home1.00pmLeague
Sat 30 Jul 2022Saturday League Hockerill I(A) Away1.00pmLeague
Sun 31 Jul 2022Sat/Sun Friendly Helions Bumpstead(A) Away1.30pmFriendly
Sat 06 Aug 2022Saturday League Stansted I(H) Home1.00pmLeague
Sun 07 Aug 2022Sat/Sun Friendly Thorley(A) Away1.00pmFriendly
Sat 13 Aug 2022Saturday League North Weald(H) Home1.00pmLeague
Sat 20 Aug 2022Saturday League Bengeo(H) Home1.00pmLeague
Sun 21 Aug 2022Sat/Sun Friendly North Weald(A) Away1.30pmFriendly
Sat 27 Aug 2022Saturday League Braughing(A) Away1.00pmLeague
Sat 03 Sep 2022Sat/Sun Friendly Sampfords(A) Away1.00pmFriendly
Sun 04 Sep 2022Sat/Sun Friendly Stansted Hall & Elsenham(H) Home1.30pmFriendly